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First Visit

According to national and international guidelines, your child's first dental visit should coincide with his/her first birthday. In many children dental decay begins around this time due to faulty feeding and tooth cleaning habits. We use this opportunity in educating you regarding various steps that you can take to prevent dental decay. You will be counseled on appropriate feeding and tooth cleaning habits. Our clinic can become a 'Dental Home' for your child, where he/she will find comfort and will achieve healthy and beautiful smile.

If your child is older than 1 yr, consider scheduling a consultation appointment at the earliest. Decay in your child's teeth may not be noticed by you as most of the cavities may not elicit pain in children.

Fixing Appointment

We have a strict policy of scheduling appointments for initial consultation as well as treatment procedures. This reduces your waiting period and ensures that boredom or anxiety of waiting does not hamper cooperation of your child.

You may call the clinic number or request an appointment on this site. You will be asked to provide basic information about your child like name, age, any significant medical condition and your contact mobile number. If your child has an urgent need to see Dr. Dixit because of pain, swelling, or trauma, please mention it so that an appointment may be scheduled at the earliest. Once your appointment is fixed, you will get an SMS detailing the time and day of your appointment. A reminder SMS will also be sent to you on the day of the appointment. In case you need to cancel your scheduled appointment for any reason, we encourage you to call at least one day prior so that another patient may be scheduled on your time slot.

What to Expect

We encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your child's scheduled appointment. Upon your arrival you will be asked to fill a history form for your child. Please provide all the details asked in the form as even minor details may be important to safely deliver treatment to your child. If your child has any significant medical history, please bring all the pertinent medical records. If the child is on any medicines for a previous dental problem, you need to bring prescription.

Your child's first visit will include consultation as well as radiographs when required. No treatment will be started at this visit except for emergency situations. This visit allows us to evaluate the dental need of your child as well as assess his/her behaviour. Your child also gets an opportunity to be exposed to the dental environment. This appointment is crucial in developing rapport with your child. We will also assess the dietary pattern and brushing habits of your child.

How to prepare your child

If your child is young or has fear going to a dentist, you need to assure him/her that only check-up will be done during this visit. Inform your child about the visit in plain manner. Not telling your child about the appointment backfires as his/her cooperation will worsen.