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Understanding Children's Dental Needs


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Sugars or carbohydrates in diet is one of the primary responsible factors to cause dental decay. Added sugars as well as hidden sugars in your child's diet contribute towards dental decay. Proper dietary habits should be inculcated from a very young age. Encourage your child to have 3 proper nutritious meals. Between-meal snacking should be restricted to less than 2-3 and should include nuts, vegetables, fruits, and home-made snacks. Sweet snacks, biscuits, bread, toffees, candies, pastries, cakes should not be given on every-day basis.

Dr. Dixit and her former post-graduate student Dr. Mahak Jain have developed a mobile app for android smart phone, "D3: Dental Diet Diary". Please download the app from Google Play Store for free. This app will help you to record your child's diet. Once recorded you will be able to view the number of daily sugar exposures and the potential of the consumed diet to cause dental decay with the help of visual graphics. You will also be able to know which items in the diet would promote decay, so that you can make your own modifications.